3 Cute Chinese Nursery Rhythms for Summer - and one free text for you

Happy Sunday!

And are you enjoying the summer vacation?

Today I would like to share with you 3 cute and easy Chinese nursery rhythms for summer- well, who doesn't love Summer! And if Chinese is on your to-do list for your child, nursey rhythms are great for summer learning.

What are the 3 nursery rhythms?

One is 夏天到 (Summer Arrived)

The other is 我爱冰激凌 (I Love Ice Cream)

The third is 虫虫飞 (Little Bugs Fly)

All of them are super cute and very easy to learn. I even recorded all of them and put them onto Youtube so if you want to listen to them with your child, go ahead and watch them:

夏天到 https://youtu.be/ontjWMzSPyk

我爱冰激凌 https://youtu.be/i7SGzJYkytA

虫虫飞 https://youtu.be/RC-0kmRLgWs

You can have a look at these 3 nursery rhythms in detail at our website:

3 Chinese Nursery Rhythms For Summer Time:


By the way, don't forget to get the text sheet for 夏天到 for free (or pay as much as you want) at https://bit.ly/summerarrived

Again, enjoy your summer vacation with some flavors of Chinese learning!



>>Grab 夏天到 text <<