You want more Chinese flashcards... I heard you

Hi there, 

I recently sent out a question asking what you want the most to help your kids learn Chinese. The top answer is "FLASHCARDS". 

So I want to share with you 3 flashcards I've added in the store: 

1. Zoo Animals Flashcards

2. Transportation Flashcards 

3. Chinese Measure Words for Animals Flashcards

All of these cards follow the Montessori principles and have 3 parts that are perfect for Chinese learners even at a very young age.

I also know that once we enjoy the benefit of having flashcards as a teaching/learning tool, we would love to have a continuous supply of quality flashcards. That's why the idea of Chinese learning flashcards membership came to my mind: 

It's a membership that provides access to a hive of Chinese flashcards. What's make it special is that we'll release new flashcards regularly so members will have a fresh supply of Chinese learning flashcards. 

Many times, good tools make teaching and learning easier, and flashcards definitely are great Chinese learning tools. 

What's more, as this is a new initiative, we've decided to set it as low as €5/mon or €50/year.  That means, for the price of 2 cups of coffee, you can get access to all the flashcards mentioned above and the ongoing addition of freshly made flashcards!

Also, in the near future, as the collection in the hive grows, the price will grow. But as long as you stay in, the low price will remain unchanged. 

If you are interested, hove over here and join TODAY! 

Look forward to having you inside. 


By the way, I created a video for the Transportation flashcards. If you want to learn the vocabulary while having a look at how the flashcards look, click here to watch it. 

Again, is the link for the video. Enjoy!

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